Preparation of detailed business review and risk analysis report

Cem Güroy Fire and Safety Systems Consultancy

Preparation of detailed business review and risk analysis report

Whether you are a hotel or residence, an industrial facility, a shopping mall or a hospital, a fire alarm, emergency evacuation and security systems suitable for the architectural structure, location of the facility, geographical and environmental conditions, production and working dynamics of any facility or business There must be a plan.

The fire risk analysis of the enterprise forms the basis of the fire risk situation in the enterprise. For a safe operation, a risk analysis must be made, the requirements of the analysis report must be fulfilled, and audits must be carried out periodically.

The fire and security systems operating in the facilities must be selected from quality materials in accordance with international and national standards, and the infrastructure required for the operation of the systems must comply with the standards.

The companies that supply and install the systems should use materials in accordance with the standards, have sufficient number of trained, application and service maintenance personnel, have similar references, and be constantly working in this line of business.

Do these systems recommended to you meet the requirements of your business? People trying to sell unnecessary or inadequate systems that do not work for you? For example, will you be able to use the systems you purchased after 3 years? When devices fail, are they replaced or repaired in a short time?

As an independent fire and security systems consultancy, we consider the above-mentioned criteria and prepare a risk analysis report suitable for the conditions of your business and present it to your attention.

Thanks to my long years of experience and knowledge, I examine the existing fire and security systems in the enterprise. I identify the deficiencies of the systems, if any, and present my suggestions for improvement or renewal of the existing systems as a report as a result of the meetings to be held with the business managers. The steps to be taken according to the new roadmap that will emerge as a result of the report are determined and the implementation phase begins.

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