Our Area Of Expertise

Cem Güroy Fire and Safety Systems Consultancy

Our Main Areas of Expertise and Services

As a fire alarm and electronic security systems consultant, the main areas of expertise and the services we can provide are as follows.

Main Areas of Expertise and Work:

1) Fire and Evacuation Systems, Life and Property Safety

  1. a) Electronic Fire Detection and Alarm,
  2. b) Fire Detection and Monitoring in Ex Proof or Private Areas
  3. c) Fire extinguishing
  4. d) Emergency Escape and Divert
  5. e) Smoke Evacuation
  6. f) Gas Alarm
  7. g) Emergency Announcement and Personnel Evacuation

2) Security and Burglar Alarm Systems

  1. a) (CCTV) Closed Circuit Television
  2. b) Access and Entry, Exit Control (Card Access and Intercom)
  3. c) PDKS Personnel Attendance Control
  4. d) License Plate Recognition, Parking Lot Control
  5. e) Personnel and Person Counting
  6. f) Burglar Alarm Perimeter Security
  • Congress, Conference Simultaneous Translation Systems
  • Structured cabling
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Announcement and Music Broadcasting Systems
  • System Integration

System IntegrationCommunication of other operating systems in the building with HVAC automation, elevator fire and security systems via software

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