Managing the tender process

Cem Güroy Fire and Safety Systems Consultancy

Managing the tender process

Bid collection stage: Requesting offers from companies that are equivalent to each other. Evaluation of bids from technical suitability and economic point of view. Answering the questions from the companies in written form, following the proposal revisions

Comparison and evaluation of offers: Submitting the technically and economically appropriate offers to business managers and purchasing

Company Selection: After the selection of the company, the follow-up and control of the material approval files, the control of the assembly and commissioning process. Approval of company progress payments, submission to management

Control of the manufacturing and assembly to be made on site. The products that come to the site and are assembled must be the products offered and comply with the regulations and specifications. The assembled products must be the offered and correct products.

Supply of application projects and connection pictures from the implementing company

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