Examining the fire and security systems of your business and preparing a detailed risk analysis report.
Requesting offers from companies that are equivalent to each other. Technical suitability and economic evaluation of bids
Testing and acceptance of systems in accordance with regulations, follow-up of company trainings and temporary acceptance guarantee process
In case of a possible fire, the building automation system (BMS) must work in harmony with the fire alarm system of the elevators in the building.

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    Fire and Electronic Security Systems Consultancy for all relevant professional groups, especially contractors, architects, project managers

    Our services

    Fire Safety Systems Consultancy and Project Management
    The fire risk analysis of the enterprise forms the basis of the fire risk situation in the enterprise
    Examining and interpreting the projects, making pre-tender preparations
    Inspection of the production and assembly in the field at the stage of bid collection, evaluation and company selection
    Testing and acceptance of systems in accordance with regulations and inspection
    I regularly train your staff to have sufficient knowledge of the fire and security systems in the facility.
    Follow-up of periodic maintenance that should be done after the systems are commissioned


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